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Step 5: Frequently Asked Questions

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I was admitted into the exchange program at Concordia but I was not granted permission to take certain courses. What do I do?

You are not guaranteed permission to register for your courses at Concordia as both classroom capacity and pre-requisite requirements can be a limit your access to certain courses. If you have been admitted to Concordia, then you must understand that flexibility in your course selection is a MUST. We would recommend alternative courses available to you.

How do I register for my courses?

Once you receive your official letter of permission form Concordia University, you must set up your MyConcordia portal and contact the academic advisor for each department in which you wish to take courses in order to receive permission to take those courses. You do NOT register for courses through the course’s Moodle site.  

Can  register for courses that I did not list on my application?

In general, you should register for courses in the departments that you originally listed on your application. If you wish to register for courses that are in departments that you did not originally list on your application, it is best to stick to lower level (200 level) courses.  You MUST contact the department advisor for all courses that you wish to register for.

Do I have to apply for the Permanent Code if I am only coming as an exchange student?

Yes, all students studying in Quebec, regardless of the amount of time that they will be studying in Quebec, must apply for a permanent code. See more information about applying for your Permanent Code.

Do I have to pay Concordia University’s Health Insurance fee or can I have it waived if I am covered by my home university or parent?

Immigration Quebec regulations require that all international students be covered by a health insurance plan that meets government standards while studying in Quebec. Personal health insurance plans are not accepted.

How much do I pay for health Insurance and when do I pay?

Health insurance fees are charged automatically when students register for courses. For the most current health insurance rates and other useful information, please visit the International Students Office website.

Do I have to pay the full amount of health insurance for the year if I will be on exchange for only one semester?

No, once you present yourself to the International Students’ Office (ISO) for orientation, the ISO will adjust your health insurance fee for the single semester ($405 CDN).

Can I apply for student residence?

Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable application fee. The spots for residences are limited, and therefore there are no guarantees that you will be assigned a room. See more information on Concordia University’s student residence and application process. Please note that you can only apply for residence once you have been assigned a Concordia Student ID.

Do I have to arrive at Concordia early for orientation?  On what date is orientation held?

All exchange students must attend the WISE (Welcome International Students Events) held by Concordia’s International Students Office.  Times and dates of the sessions vary, as some are held before the start of classes and others are held after classes begin.  Please see the current International Student Orientation schedule. Please note that though it is mandatory to attend an International Student Orientation session, you can choose to attend any session that best suits you, whether it be before or after courses begin.  Therefore you are not required to arrive at Concordia early, although giving yourself a couple of days to settle in before the semester starts is always advisable.   For more information regarding International Student Orientation sessions, please contact the International Students Office:

Are there any funding opportunities for me?

Funding options are available from various sources, although Concordia itself does not offer any scholarships or busaries to incoming exchange students. Please refer to your home institution for more funding opportunities.

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