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Step 6: Newly Accepted Students

2080 Mackay Concordia International building, SGW campus, Concordia University

Congratulations, and welcome to Concordia University!

Before you leave

If you are an exchange student coming to Concordia, we encourage you to read the preparation guides provided by Concordia's International Students Office. See what to do before you leave.

Immigration & health insurance

Before applying to Concordia, you should be aware of:

The International Students Office also publishes a Pre-departure Guide. A link to the Pre-departure Guide is included in your admission letter and you are responsible for following all of the instructions provided in it promptly.


When you arrive at Concordia, you will have a wide variety of orientations and activities in which you can participate. Some are mandatory, others are elective. We strongly encourage you to attend all of the events that you can.

Be sure to attend the mandatory orientation session coordinated by the International Students Office when you arrive. They are all a great way to make new friends!


You have two main housing options: 

Alternatively, students will often post their rooms or apartments to sublet on our Incoming and Outgoing Facebook Pages.

Fun and other useful stuff

Visit our Living in Montréal page to prepare for your visit to this great city, including practical links and information on cultural activities.

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