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The main objective of a pay equity plan is to:

  • Determine if discriminatory treatment exists in the compensation of female-dominated job classes when compared to male-dominated job classes of similar value;
  • Rectify their compensation if such practices should exist.

To answer this question, the Pay Equity Committee must rely on two major elements:

  • A job class analysis based on a job evaluation plan
  • A detailed process with prescribed steps as highlighted in this section


Pay equity process

Here are the steps to the process. See who has already completed the process.

Completed Pay Equity Plans

The following employee groups have completed their pay equity plan:

Date of completion
Employee group
1999 CUPFA (Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association)
2003 CULEU (Concordia University Library Employees Union)
SCOMM (Syndicat canadiens des officiers de la marine marchande)
CUUSS-TS (Concordia University Union of Support Staff - Technical Sector)
2005 CUFA (Concordia University Faculty Association)
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