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Pay equity archives

Full archives for Concordia's past Pay Equity exercise.  

Concordia's Pay Equity exercise had to be completed by December 31, 2010 and only applies to the following designated employee groups:

  • Support Staff (CUSSU)
  • Professional Staff (CUPEU)
  • non-unionized employees including ACUMAE(management & administrative staff) teaching assistants, research assistants, casual (timesheet) and contractual employees

Please note that as per the Pay Equity Act, employees working in jobs normally held by students working at the university in their field of study are excluded.

Pay equity process


In accordance with the Pay Equity Act, every organization of 10 or more employees must accomplish and maintain pay equity. Concordia University, as the employer, is therefore responsible for implementing its pay equity plan by December, 31, 2010. Financial penalties are applicable to the employer in the event the deadline is not met.

Read about committee members and their roles and obligations.


The Pay Equity results are communicated in two distinct postings:


Read past frequently asked questions about the pay equity process.

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