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Attend university in the heart of a fun, cosmopolitan city.

Top 5 Concordia student Instagrams
Top 5 Concordia student Instagrams
Montreal street scene
Mount Royal in winter
Top 5 Concordia student Instagrams
Top 5 Concordia student Instagrams
Downtown Montreal
Place des Arts
Concordia University
Biking in Montreal

Concordia: a city within a city

From the downtown hustle of the Sir George Williams campus to the classic architecture and cutting-edge facilities on the Loyola campus, everything you need is right here.

Discover a unique city

Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. It's the perfect place to learn new languages, embrace new cultures, and enjoy four distinct seasons. 

Speak a second language

We are an English-language university. While most Montrealers are bilingual, we can help you learn French. French is also the main language of one quarter of our students, and you can submit academic work in either language.

Embrace a second language

Montreal street scene

Get around our arrondissements

Over 80 distinct ethnic communities call our island home. You can explore new cultures, shop for your favourite foods and find neighbourhoods that remind you of home. 

eSCAPE Black Box Einstein Dreams

Build the city of the future

Montreal is in the midst of a renaissance. We're a start-up city where people take chances. Concordia incubates innovative ideas. We fuel the city's creative engine and fire-up its knowledge economy. 

An easy city to call home

The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Montreal as the world's best city to get an overseas education. QS rated it the best in Canada. With four universities and twelve colleges, you'll find 220,000 students who agree.

The Hall Building

Safe, clean and cosmopolitan, Montreal offers a high quality of living at a low cost of living. In an affordable city with a fun atmosphere, Montrealers thrive on great food, sports and culture. We have the best bike paths in North America, and convenient public transportation.

Check out these links to get a better sense of Montreal.

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