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Graduate student profiles

Below is a list of our current Studio Arts MFA Students in all seven program concentrations.

Only the 1st and 2nd year students will be participating in our MFA Open Studios event on February 20, 2019.

Fibres and Material Practices

Film Production

3rd Year (off campus):
Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr
Martha Andrea Diaz
Mohammad Elkhairy
Tawny Foskett
Jean-Jacques Martinod
Undine Sommer
Farid Yahaghi
Jiyang Zhang


3rd Year (off campus):
John Boyle-Singfield
Anastasia Ferguson
Gabriel Fuks
Francisco Gonzalez
Ana Carolina Silveira von Hertwig

Painting and Drawing

3rd Year (off campus):
Rory Dean
Ai Ikeda
Marie-Claude Lepiez
David Lerue
Malcolm McCormick
Lauren Pelc-McArthur


3rd Year (off campus):
Sonia Bazar-Halpern
Scott Benesiinaabandan
Matthew Brooks
Francis Macchiagodena
Zinnia Naqvi
Adam Simms

Print Media

3rd Year (off campus):
Christeen Francis
Adam MacDonald
Konstantinos Meramveliotakis
Amery Sandford


3rd Year (off campus):
Gabriel Beckinger
Eduardo Dellaforesta
Elliott Elliott
Camille Lalonde-Lachapelle
Maxilie Martel-Racicot
Eugene Park

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