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Banquet des précariats

A foraged urban meal and long table

September 26, 2019
Bâtiment 7, Montreal

Le banquet des précariats is a response to growing concerns about precarity and precariousness, issues that impact foundational social concepts of what “the future” means. Precarity has materialized as a significant issue in academic disciplines over the past twenty years, partly, as Sharryn Kasmir argues, “in response to political mobilizations against unemployment and social exclusion” [1]. The proliferation of unstable, informal, interim, or provisional work has left us with a class described in economics and sociology as “the precariat”, a portmanteau of precarious and proletariat. Le banquet des précariats invites guests to consider, through dialogue and eating together, how social and economic precarity impact the manner in which we assemble our “presence” and envision our futures.




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