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Borrowing Equipment

Here are the regulations and guidelines for the use of the equipment at the CDA Audiovisual Resources.

Check-outs, and reservations

Disclaimer: by checking-out items from CDA AVR you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of lending. Any loss or damage of the equipment and/or its parts and components is your responsibility all through the lending period (from the moment you pick up the equipment untill you return it). • Check-outs and reservations are made in person at CDA-AVR Room EV 5-770 (presentation of your ID card is mandatory) or by telephone (no reservations will be taken from messages in the voice mail or e-mail). • Only faculty, and students registered in a fine arts course for the current semester are allowed to check-out or reserve equipent. Reservations can be made in advance any time during the current semester.

Users must present their Concordia ID card to borrow equipment.

Most loaned CDA equipment is for use on the Downtown Fine Arts Campus (EV, VA buildings) exclusively and can't leave the campus or be taken overnight.  Note that department-owned equipment loaned out of the CDA depot may be subject to other rules.

Late fees

  • Equipment reservations have a FROM and TO date and time.   
  • Failure to do return equipment on time will result in charges of late fees, as follows:
  •     Equipment under $ 1000 = $2.50/hour or $25 day/overnight.
  •     Equipment over $ 1000 = $5/hour or $50 day/overnight.
  •     Laptops and Data Projectors - $5/hour or $300 day/overnight.
VA Building Equipment Access Guidelines

Access to audiovisual equipment in the VA building is available to professors via an equipment drop-off room, VA-019.

Professors who wish to access equipment for their classes in the VA building must have a Concordia University security access card. Professors who require an access card or who have an access card and want to confirm if they have access to VA-019 may contact Chris Ready.

Bookings for equipment are made by phone or in person at the EV depot, EV-5-770, 514-848-2424 x3438.


Semester Reservations for AV carts (faculty only)

Semester reservations can be submited two weeks prior to the begining of a term. An email is sent to faculty providing the opening date that CDA will accept reservation requests.   Requests made before the open period will not be accepted in order to provide a fair chance to all faculty memmbers.  

Reservation requests must be submitted using the semester reservation online form

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