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FS 5 Camera Guide and Test

If you wish to borrow the Sony FS5 camera from the CDA depot you must pass a short written test based on the following guide.

There are two ways to complete the test. 1.Download the guide and email Phil Hawes (address on page 2 of the guide) or 2. go to the online test on the FAR site:

Sony FS5 guide

Camera Quick Start Guides

These are pdf quick start guides created at the CDA. They are an efficient, if sometimes slightly unaesthetic, way to learn the most important controls of these cameras. In all cases, they do not replace the manufacturer's manual.

Sony A7s Documentation Camera

Video Streaming Guide for Events

Sony FS5

Black Magic Pocket Camera



Canon T2i, T3i (could be useful for any Canon T series DSLR)

Panasonic GH4

Workshop Support Documents

These are text documents, no images, with detailed notes from the CDA workshops. Unless you attended the workshop, they will not necessarily make sense. They may refer to earlier versions of the software.

Adobe After Effects Workshop

DaVinci Resolve Workshop

DCP Creation Workshop

Media Player Support Documents

The CDA has three video media players.

The best option are the new TXD233 HD and 4K media players for single video playback and synchronized playback of multiple videos. We have 15 TXD233 players.

We also have the older WDTVs for single channel video playback, and older Technovision DV75Ns for single or multiple channel playback.  

TXD233 Quick Start Guide

TXD233 Adobe Media Encoder Presets

Use the Adobe Media Encoder Presets if you are using Premiere on your own computer. All the computers in the CDA have these presets installed.

Technovision DV75V player

Contents of the zip file for the Technovision media player:
A. A pdf guide.
B. Dspconfig files to automatically configure the menu system of the player(s). These files are arranged according to video output.
C. Video encoding presets for Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere. Part B of the guide explains some free alternative encoding software. CDA computers have the presets installed.

WDTV media player

The following zip file contains video encoding instructions for WDTV media player and Adobe Media Encoder presets.

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