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Jessica Veevers

Jessica Veevers

PhD Student - Art History

Thesis Title

The Materials and Methods of Yves Gaucher: The Intersection of Materiality and Mattering


Dr. Anne Whitelaw

Research Interests
  • New Materialist Ontologies
  • Objectification
  • Modern Art Criticism
  • Art Conservation
  • Technical Art History
  • Art Historiography
  • Modern and Contemporary Art Making Materials and Practices



Jessica is a PhD student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University.  She is a recipient of the Bourse de Doctorat en Recherche du Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture du Quebec, the Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship and the Dominic D’Allesandro Fellowship.  Her research looks at the intersection of materiality and mattering; she is interested in the narrative of the art work itself as it moves through time.  Through studying how history communicates with its objectness and its material constituents she intends to compliment an art historiography that has in the past been more interested in the intent of the artist or the cultural climate in which the art object was made.

Jessica completed an OGS-funded Master of Art Conservation at Queen’s University where her research concentrated on the materials and methods of the Canadian Metis artist Bob Boyer.   Her undergraduate degree was undertaken at Guelph University with a dual focus on Printmaking and Biology.  Her art making practice now focuses mostly on painting in a somewhat three-dimensional method using panels, plaster, and ink.  She has been involved in a number of group and solo exhibitions.

Teaching – Undergraduate Courses
  • ARTH 398P Special Topics in Art & Society: Art Conservation
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