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Philippe Guillaume

Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande

PhD Student - Art History

Thesis Title

From Photography and Walking to Walking and Photography


Dr. Martha Langford

Dr. Nicola Pezolet

Research Interests
  • History of Photography
  • Conceptual Art 
  • Landscape Art 
  • Twentieth Century Avant-Garde Art Movements
  • Artist Networks


Philippe Guillaume is a peripatetic artist, photographer and PhD student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University. He specializes in photographic history and is a Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for the Studies in Canadian Arts Doctoral Fellow. Following a career as a professional freelance photographer specialising in fashion, Philippe completed an interdisciplinary MA through The Special Individualised Program (SIP) at Concordia University where his studies concentrated on art history and photography. His research focuses on the coalescence of photography and walking in western art, the role and contribution of this binary since the advent of photography, and how this association has evolved and mutated since the 1960s as a significant component in conceptual art.

Teaching – Undergraduate Courses
  • ARTH 267 Aspects of the History of Photography
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