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Elizabeth Cavaliere

Elizabeth Cavaliere

PhD Student - Art History

Thesis Title

Surveying the Landscape: Cultural Imprints in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Topographical Photography


Dr. Martha Langford

Research Interests
  • Topographical Survey Photography
  • 19th Century Art
  • Canadian Identity and Aesthetic
  • Landscape Photography


Elizabeth Cavaliere is a PhD student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University. She received a BA in Art History from Mount Allison University (2007) followed by an MA in Art History from York University (2009). Her research interests center on the Canadian photographic landscape and the possibility of a Canadian national aesthetic therein and looks towards topographical survey photographs of the 19th century as markers of an early Canadian identity and aesthetic in landscape photography. In 2012 Elizabeth was awarded a Lisette Model/Joseph G. Blum Fellowship in the History of Photography to pursue her research at the National Gallery of Canada. Elizabeth has been greatly involved with Toronto artist run centers working for both YYZ Artists' Outlet and Gallery 44. She is also an active photographer with several solo-exhibitions including one in conjunction with Toronto's CONTACT festival of photography. 

Teaching – Undergraduate Courses
  • ARTH 200 Perspectives of Art History
  • ARTH 359 Theories in Contemporary Photography
  • ARTH 375 Issues in Montreal Art Milieu
  • ARTH 380 Aspects of Art Histories
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