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The Art History Co-operative Education (Co-op) program is an option for a limited number of full-time students entering the Major of Art History, who have completed no more than 30 credits towards their degree. With the Art History Co-op degree, students graduate with the equivalent of one year of full-time, paid employment in their field. While the Co-op degree is slightly longer (one semester) than the regular Art History degree, the academic content of the Co-op program is identical to that of the regular program. Most positions of employment are situated in the Montreal area, however, students who do not speak French must be prepared to work in other parts of Canada. International placements are also a possibility. For more information on the structure and expectations of the Co-op program, please visit the Institute for Co-operative Education.

Admission requirements

*Admission to the Art History Co-op Program has been suspended for the 2017-18 academic year and until further notice.

New applicants who wish to be considered for the Art History Co-op program must indicate this in their application by checking the co-op box when selecting the Major in Art History program. Returning students who have completed no more than 30 credits may also make a formal application in early spring. Selected applicants may be interviewed or asked to provide a résumé of past work experience and/or a statement including the reasons behind their interest in the Art History Co-op degree.

For further details on applying to the Art History Co-op program, please contact:

Dr. Steven Stowell
Academic Director for Art History Co-op
Visit Dr. Stowell's faculty profile

Lucia Plescia
Art History Coordinator for the Institute of Co-operative Education

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For sample work responsibilities, FAQs, testimonials and more about the benefits of Co-op, visit the Institute for Co-operative Education.

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