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ARTH 612 - Contextualizing North American Sculpture: Topics in History, Theory and Practice: Destructive Tendencies

  • M - 18:00-21:00
  • EV-3.760

This seminar considers art practices and critical writing that approach contemporary sculpture from the perspective of destruction. The notion of “destructive tendencies” encompasses a range of concepts that have direct relevance for art:  iconoclasm, l’informe, entropy, deconstruction, censorship, waste, repair; readings will consist of art historical and theoretical texts related to these questions. We will also consider a wide range of North American and international art practices: for example, Robert Smithson’s embrace of entropy; Cornelia Parker’s exploded objects, Danh Vo’s dismantled Statue of Liberty, Walid Raad’s response to the traumatic destruction of war, Kader Attia’s “repair” project, Tricia Middleton’s romantic ruination, Thomas Hirschhorn’s accumulations of waste matter, Geoffrey Farmer’s furniture-burning artwork, Aganetha Dyck’s bee-sculptures that are both destructive and regenerative, etc.

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