School of Extended Learning

About us


The School of Extended Learning provides a wide range of programs and services which are aimed at improving community engagement and student accessibility to the university. Programs include credit and non-credit courses, distance and e-learning options, and designated pre-university and entry-level courses, as well as customized training and professional development.

Services are focused on three support systems:

  • Recruitment – providing alternative entry points to university studies
  • Retention – by exploring alternative learning paths and learning-career intersects
  • Remediation – programs which support student re-entry to and transfer within university studies

Currently, these programs and services can be accessed through our Student Transition Centre and the Centre for Continuing Education

In the broader context, the School of Extended Learning aspires to become a portal to the university and its services through community outreach and engagement as well as distance and remote delivery of a wide range of programming which would be otherwise inaccessible. In keeping with the spirit and principles of Lifelong Learning and the Hamburg Declaration, the School is fully committed to the provision of a sustainable future for individuals, the community and society at large.

School Council

School Council for 2013-14 will be confirmed shortly.

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