School of Extended Learning

Photography & Digital Arts

Whether you’re interested in photography as a profession or a pastime, these courses will help you develop your expertise.

Need to prepare for university admission, take advantage of a global marketplace, or just socialize with your neighbours and friends? Our English and French second language courses are for you.
Computer programming & web development

Looking to advance in the ever-evolving world of IT? The computer institute is your first step to becoming an IT professional.
Communications & Public Relations

Our programs can pave the way toward careers in graphic design, creative writing, journalism, and public relations.

Credit courses & certificates

Credit courses are flexibly designed to suit your schedule while upgrading and developing your skills. We offer a wide range of business courses, alongside courses to enhance your university study skills.

Business certificates

Acquire new skills or upgrade existing ones to respond to your professional needs in business, entrepeneurship, marketing and human resources.
Business certificates

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