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Full-time Faculty

  • Dynamic systems; stability; vehicle systems; vibration isolation and control; railway vehicle dynamics; vehicle system dynamics and design; modeling and analysis of physical systems.
  • Ali Akgunduz

    Airline operations, Transportation management, Systems simulation, Application of Operations Research on service and manufacturing applications

  • Aircraft performance, Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems, Stability and control, Certification of Aircraft and Flight Simulators, Engineering mathematics.
  • Rama B. Bhat

    Random and mechanical vibrations; rotor dynamics; structural acoustics; micromechatronic systems; modal testing and analysis; aeroelasticity; numerical methods

  • Operational issues dealing with the design, development, production, and distribution of goods & services, with a focus on emerging tools and techniques in product/process design & development, design and manufacturing technologies, information management, and methods for integrating design & manufacturing to improve process performance.
  • Akif Bulgak

    Modeling & performance analysis of flexible manufacturing / assembly systems; adaptive/predictive scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems; design optimization and economics of flexible manufacturing/assembly systems; just-in-time manufacturing systems; performance evaluation of manufacturing systems; stochastic optimization; quality and productivity improvement; industrial economics;
  • Chevy Chen

    Research in CAD/CAE/CAM integration, advanced programming for CNC machining, cutting tools and gear design and manufacturing, and engineering optimization.

  • Applied operations research; manufacturing systems design & analysis; production engineering; computer integrated manufacture; simulation of industrial systems; inventory control.
  • John Cheung
    Extended-Term Appointment

  • Ivan Contreras
    Associate Professor

    Transportation and logistics; network optimization and design; facility location; hub location; scheduling; operations research; integer and combinatorial optimization; decomposition methods for large-scale optimization; robust optimization
  • Javad Dargahi

    Haptic sensors and feedback systems for minimally invasive surgery and robotics, Design and fabrication of intelligent tactile sensors for robots and endoscopes, Design and fabrication of sensors by micromachining, Application of piezoelectric polymers in robotic and endoscopic sensors, Teletaction in minimally invasive surgery.
  • (On leave from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015)
    Lean Manufacturing, Lean Supply Chain, and Lean Healthcare.
  • Ali Dolatabadi
    Professor and Graduate & PhD Program Director

    CFD, Numerical and experimental Two-phase flows, Microfluidics, Micro-scale actuators, Spray Coatings of metals and ceramics using High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process, Spray and atomization, Heat and mass transfer.
  • Robin A.L. Drew
    Professor & Co-op Academic Director

    Research in advanced materials: porous materials, foams, metal-ceramic composites, biomaterials and tissue engineering, metal-ceramic interactions, high temperature wetting studies and joining processes.
  • Carole El Ayoubi
    Assistant Professor

  • Nabil Esmail

    Coating paper mechanics in pulp and paper industry; mechanical properties of polymeric liquids; rheology; solid-surface wetting phenomena and mechanics.

  • Composite materials and structures; stochastic mechanics and random vibrations; stress analysis; finite element method; vibration analysis and machine dynamics; machinery monitoring and diagnostics; engineering fracture mechanics and fatigue.
  • Wahid Ghaly

    Aerodynamic design and optimization methods in turbomachinery; convective heat transfer; theoretical and computational fluid dynamics.
  • Hany Gomaa
    Assistant Professor

    Fluid Mechanics; Microfluidics and Solid-Surface Wetting Phenomena; Thermofluids; Rheology; Aerodynamics Design; Mechanical Engineering Design.
  • Brandon Gordon
    Associate Professor

    Control systems; mechatronics; robotics; virtual reality; distributed computing networks; real-time simulation; active flow control; internal combustion engines; automotive and aerospace control systems.
  • Gerard J. Gouw

    Human factors engineering/ergonomics; safety engineering; biomedical engineering; tribology.
  • Suong Van Hoa
    Professor and Director of CONCOM

    Composite materials and structures; design of composite structures; vibration; stress analysis; dynamics; finite element method; testing and evaluation of composite materials and structures; manufacturing of composites.
  • Mehdi Hojjati
    Associate ProfessorMechanical Undergraduate Program Director

  • Henry Hong
    Associate Professor

    Direct injection of alternative fuels for CI engines; solenoid operated alternative fuel injector systems for diesel engines; fuel control systems for small gas turbine engines; hybrid electric vehicles; electronic / hydromechanical fuel control systems; mechatronic control systems; microprocessor control of electromechanical systems; modeling and simulation of dynamic systems; control systems
  • Suraj Joshi
    Assistant Professor

    Weld modeling, machine and structural design, properties of materials, fatigue, failure and finite element analysis.
  • Lyes Kadem
    Associate Professor and Curriculum Director

    Particle image velocimetry; Cardiovascular biomechanics; Aortic stenosis; Hypertension; Magnetic resonance imaging; Doppler Ultrasound; Experimental fluid mechanics; Mathematical modeling of the arterial system; In vitro experiments.
  • Ashok Kaushal
    Chair Capstone Design Committee

    Vibration, Rotordynamics, CAD & FEA

  • Applied stochastic programming and robust optimization in supply chain and operations management; applied operations research; Supply chain management; Production planning; Sustainable operations management (reverse logistics, closed loop supply chains).
  • Charles Basenga Kiyanda
    Assistant Professor

    Thermodynamics, Equations of State, Compressible Fluid Dynamics, Supersonic Flow, Combustion, Nonlinear Systems
  • Onur Kuzgunkaya
    Associate Professor
    Industrial Engineering Program Director

    Design and Analysis of Flexible/Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, Economic Evaluation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing System Performance Evaluation, Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis, Complexity in Manufacturing, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Methods, Fuzzy Optimization, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Tsz Ho Kwok
    Assistant Professor

    3D Printing, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Mass Customization, Computer-Aided Design
  • Susan Liscouet-Hanke
    Associate Professor

    aircraft systems architecting, aircraft design, technology evaluation, model-based systems engineering, novel technologies for aircraft systems
  • (On leave from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015)
    Light metals, magnesium alloys development, metal matrix composites, computational thermodynamics, phase diagrams, nanostructured coatings, mathematical modeling as a utility in materials processing, and failure analysis and stress waves.

  • Thermal Spraying, Coatings, Properties / Microstructure Relationship, Industrial Applications of Coatings, Particle Diagnostics, Optical, Sensors, Optical Pyrometry, Control of Thermal Spray Processes
  • Sivakumar Narayanswamy
    Professor and M. Eng & M.A.Sc. Program Director

    Measurement of surface roughness, profile and length using laser interferometry, dynamic characterization of vibrating objects, characterization of MEMS devices. In Micromachining: Pulsed Laser micromachining of photonic devices such as surface relief gratings, fiber bragg gratings and feature size reduction by direct machining
  • Hoi Dick Ng
    Associate Professor
    M.Eng. Aerospace Program Director

    Combustion; explosion; detonation and deflagration; shock waves physics; alternative fuel research; energetic materials; theoretical and computational fluid dynamics; applied mathematics, numerical methods

  • Optical MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), PVDF MEMS, Microphotonics, Dynamics of Microsystems, Integrated Microsensors and Microactuators, Silicon Micromachining, Fuzzy System Identification of Microsystems, Design and manufacturing.

  • Computational fluid dynamics; finite element methods for fluid simulations; aerodynamic simulations; wind energy; acoustic simulations; parallel computing; turbulence modeling.
  • Martin D. Pugh
    Professor and Chair of the Department

    Plastics, ceramics, metals, and composites; materials science; properties and failure of materials; casting, welding, heat-treating and non-destructive testing.

  • Human response to vibration and shock; vehicle dynamics; optimization and vibration control in system design; directional control and stability of commercial vehicles; driver-vehicle interactions; power tools and hand-transmitted vibration; seating dynamics and driver vibration; semi-active and active vibration control; vehicle and ride dynamics; vehicle suspension analysis;

  • Smart Materials and Structures (Adaptive Structures); Adaptive Energy Absorption Systems using Smart ER/MR Fluids; Design Optimization of Lightweight Metallic or Composite Structures; Computational Mechanics (Finite Element Method)
  • Ion Stiharu

    Design and manufacturing; dynamics; micromachining and micromechanics; tribology; high precision mechanics; intelligent vehicle systems; micromechatronic devices; microsensors (acoustic, acceleration, pressure, humidity); microtribology; nonconventional lubrication methods; sensors and detection systems.
  • Chun-Yi Su

    Control systems; mechatronics; precision engineering; robotics; process dynamics and control; linear systems.
  • Daria Terekhov
    Assistant Professor

    Operations Research, Optimization, Dynamic Scheduling, Queueing Theory, Inverse Optimization

  • Fluid mechanics; vortex dynamics and flow instabilities; experimental aerodynamics; finite difference in fluid dynamics; lubrication; microgravity fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; haemodynamics; numerical methods.
  • Brian Vermeire
    Assistant Professor

    Computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, high-performance computing, turbulence, numerical methods, applied mathematics, optimization, large eddy simulation, direct numerical simulation.
  • Paula Wood-Adams
    Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies

    Applied polymer science, relationships between structures and properties of polymers, surface and interfacial phenomena in materials, polymer crystallization, rheology and complex fluids.
  • Rolf Wuthrich
    Associate Professor
    Head of EGE group

    Non traditional manufacturing processes, glass micro-machining, electrochemical discharges, micro-systems , nano-particles, gas evolving electrodes, stochastic process modelling, multi-physics modelling, nanostructured electro-catalysts, hydrogen production, fuel-cells.
  • Wen-Fang Xie

    Dynamic modeling and control, Mechatronics, Visual Servo Control, Soft Computing Techniques, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Industrial Process Control and Flight control.
  • Youmin Zhang

    Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control of Safety-critical Systems (air, land, ground, surface/underwater, and autonomous vehicles etc.); Avionics and Flight Control; Industrial Process Control; Modeling and Simulation of Physical Systems; Estimation, Identification and Information Fusion Techniques; Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Diagnosis and Control; Mechatronics;

Our part-time faculty members have access to a common office located at EV3.276. The phone number for this room is 514-848-2424 ext. 3462. However, as these professors are part-time and not always on campus, it is best to consult your course outline for preferred office hours or contact your professor by email to make an appointment.

Part-time Instructors Fall 2016



E-mail address

Shadmehri, Farjad

AERO431/2-X  & MECH6481/2 XX

Gauthier, Pierre


Tadayon, Rahim


Khouli, Fidel


Sharifi, Shahram

INDU320/2-X  & INDU6331/2 TT

Voiculescu, Sorin


Tardy, Francois


Lipardi, Antonio


Allievi, Alejandro


Obuchowicz, Tadeusz


Sy, Mamadou


Nasrallah, Danielle


Fayazbakhsh, Kazem

MECH6601/2 YY & MECH6581/2-YY

Part-time Instructors Spring 2016

Name                            Course Assigned                               Email

Davis, Donald

ENGR 311/1 CC & MECH 370/1 CC

Gauthier, Pierre

ENGR 391/1 AB & MECH 6111/1 CC

Lévesque, Yvan

INDU 6321/1 CC

Obuchowicz, Ted

MECH 215/1 AA

Rembacz, Michael

MECH 311/1 AA

Sharifi, Shahram

INDU 323/1 AB & INDU 6221/1 CC

Sy, Mamadou

MECH 6561/1 CC

Tadayon, Rahim

ENGR 391/1 CC




Part-time Instructors Winter 2016

Name                            Course Assigned                               Email

Girgis, Sami

AERO465/MECH6161 /4 XX

Ahmed, Ehab

ENGR 242/4 WW

Gomaa, Hany

ENGR243/4 X, MECH 313/4 X

Alizadeh, Danial

ENGR6411/4 XX

Nasrallah, Danielle

ENGR7401/4 XX

Lloyd, Shannon

INDU 321/4 T

Voiculescu, Sorin

INDU 691/4 XX

Mafakheri, Fereshteh

INDU6241/4 XX

Obuchowicz, Tadeusz

MECH215/4 YY, MECH 215/4 WW

Tardy, François

MECH 313/4 M

Davis, Donald Peter

MECH368/4 M

Sy, Mamadou

MECH414/6611/4 XX

Rezabeigi, Ehsan

MECH421/6511/4 X

Engin, Serafettin

MECH6421/4 WW

Shadmehri, Farjad

MECH6481/4 XX

Vaidya, Viwek

MECH6541/4 XX



Professor Emeriti

Name Title Contact
Dr. Richard M. H. Cheng Distinguished Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Vojislav Latinovic Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Sui Lin Distinguished Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Hugh McQueen Distinguished Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Rakif A. Neemeh Associate Professor Emeritus  
Dr. M.O.M. Osman Distinguished Professor Emeritus  
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