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CIISE offers a doctoral program in information and systems engineering and two master's programs in information systems security and quality systems engineering  – the first programs of their kind in Canada.

Information & Systems Engineering (ISE)

Information & Systems Engineering (ISE)

The academic aim of this Ph.D. program is to prepare students for leadership roles in the area of Information and Systems Engineering (ISE) with the knowledge and skills to advance the discipline from the academic, research and practical standpoints. The Ph.D. program will prepare the students to address the current and future challenges in information and systems engineering such as designing, modeling, analyzing and managing complex systems, exploiting systems of systems, managing systems complexity, studying systems' attributes and understanding human factors in the system.

Information & Systems Engineering (ISE), Photo: Christian Fleury

Information Systems Security

Security of information systems raises numerous open legal and ethical issues that are currently being addressed at both the academic and industrial levels.  Many of these issues raise some clear conflicts between global versus national interests as well as government versus public interests. You will be introduced to issues such as IT security ethics, privacy, digital copyright, licensing IT security products, import and export control regulations, computer fraud and abuse, computer crime control, national and international criminal codes, incident handling, infrastructure protection and espionage laws, privacy laws, business records, digital forensics. 

Quality Systems Engineering

Quality Systems Engineering

Get prepared with the skills, knowledge, expertise in cutting-edge technologies and best practices necessary for designing, modelling, analyzing, implementing and managing quality systems. Our programs put the emphasis on helping each individual acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to maximize his or her potential as a researcher in quality systems, lean engineering and supply chain management. Students will engage in applied research and academic course of study examining existing theory and ways in which these influence the quality of systems, services, products and processes.

Service Engineering & Network Management

Service Engineering & Network Management

Obtain a complete set of knowledge and expertise that is necessary to work in the area of telecommunication and enables students to acquire knowledge in the area of network management. 


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