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ENGR 411 is a one-credit project course set up to meet the special needs of certain students lacking one credit or less for graduation. Registration into this course requires the written permission from Students Academic Services (SAS) of the ENCS Faculty.

Registration Process

To apply for this course, please fill out the student’s section of the Topic Approval-ENGR 411. Please have your department's Undergraduate Program Director approve your topic and submit the original form to your department’s Undergraduate Program Assistant.

Please note that for Mechanical Engineering students, your topic should be related to your chosen option. For Industrial Engineering students, your topic should be an Industrial Engineering topic.

Once everything has been approved you will receive a copy of the form for your records. This should also be bound with your final report. If you are denied registration for any reason, you will be notified.

It is your responsibility to clearly provide your correct email address in order for us to keep in contact with you throughout the semester.

General Requirements of the ENGR-411 Project Course

The ENGR 411 report is not a supervised project however if you need assistance, feel free to contact any of our professors for help.

The report should be approximately 20 pages, double spaced, typed using 12 point font with a cover page containing your Name, ID, Department, year and the term.

The report will not be accepted, unless you include a signed copy of the Confirmation of Originality Report to ensure there is no plagiarism.

The deadline for submission of the report is the last day of classes in the term you have registered for ENGR-411. Failure to submit by the deadline can delay the grading and might result in the student not graduating in the intended term.

The report will be graded by an assigned professor, usually based on your topic, for both its technical content and the format of report presentation. Therefore, pay attention to the style and format. Remember what you have learned in ENCS 282. Consult the guidelines from the Concordia Form and Style Guide.

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