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The ELEC/COEN 490 project is intended as a capstone course for students at Concordia University. It provides students with a significant design experience and integration of knowledge from several courses.  It also provides students with a means to practice project management, technical writing, and technical presentation skills.

Students are expected to gain industrial design experience as much as possible. Students are required to work together in teams and to learn new material.


Capstone poster sessions day is schedule on March 30th in EV Atrium for all of 16 ELEC and COEN groups. The planned daily schedule is the following:

  • 9h00 9h30 30 minutes setup
  • 9h30 12h30 3 hours presentation
  • 13h00 13h30 30 minutes setup
  • 13h30 16h30 3 hours presentation
  • 16h30 Removal of all material from Atrium
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