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Since the formation of Academic Information Technology Services (AITS) by the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, the management of the computer and network facilities is now conducted at the Faculty level. The result is a better managed and more comprehensive set of services available to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Department resources


Besides the teaching labs available Faculty wide, a number of specialized laboratories are available to address the particular needs of Electrical and Computer Engineering programs. The core of the network continues to be gigabyte switches (Cisco Catalyst 3750s) with 100 Mbit to the desktop. Solaris servers provide the CMC (VLSI) applications for our teaching programs and the client systems are now dual boot with Linux and windows.

The department has a number of dedicated servers and a variety of client systems. These facilities are the primary resources used by faculty members, support staff and students for undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and administrative tasks.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering computing facilities include a variety of Solaris/Unix/Linux servers (6) [SunFire 280R (2), E420R, E450, IBM-345(2)]. These servers provide the services specifically required by the department. Additional services for computing, mail, printing, archiving and WEB services are available from the Faculty resources to the Electrical and Computer Engineering user community. The primary suite of programs continues to be: Cadence, MATLAB (with various toolboxes), Signal Processing Workbench (SPW), ObjectGEODE, editors, compilers and a variety of other applications.

The client systems dedicated for teaching are located in nine laboratories located on the 8th and 9th floor of the Hall Building. These provide almost 200 seats (56 are Solaris workstations with the remainder Windows/Linux systems) for students to do course assignments, prepare for labs and perform laboratory experiments.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering research computer facilities also include a number of central application servers (5) [Enterprise E3500, SunFire 280R (4), SunBlade-1000] and X client systems (14 PC/Windows 2K, 52 X-term/Unix workstations) which can be found in our Research Laboratories: Signal and Video Processing Laboratories, Robotics and Control Group, Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, Antenna and Microwave Laboratory, Hardware Verification Laboratory, Microelectronics Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Telesoft Laboratory, VLSI Laboratory, Wireless and Satellite Communications Laboratory.

Additional resources (52 clients - 39 PC/Windows, Unix/Linux Workstations) are also available for faculty, administration, technical and part-time staff.

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