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Important contacts

Chair William E. Lynch S-EV5.163 3142
Associate Chair Anjali Agarwal S-EV5.157 3090
Department Administrator Tatyana Bobrova S-EV5.143 4493
Assistant to the Chair Kristin Tedd S-EV5.165 3104
Graduate Program Director Wei-Ping Zhu S-EV5.225 4132
Coordinator, Graduate Programs (Ph.D.) Sheryl Tablan S-EV5.166 4154
Coordinator, Graduate Programs (M.A.Sc. & M.Eng.) Jenessa Speed
S-EV5.168 3103
Coordinator, Comprehensive Examinations M. Omair Ahmad S-EV5.107 3075
Coordinator, Ph.D. Proposal and Seminar M. Reza Soleymani S-EV5.125 4103
Undergraduate Program Director Pouya Valizadeh S-EV16.187 3079
Undergraduate Program Assistant Maria Fasciano S-EV5.144 3102
Curriculum and Graduate Attribute Coordinator
Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj S-EV5.213 7949
Co-op Director Mustafa K. Mehmet Ali S-EV5.145 8896
Coordinator, Capstone Projects Chunyan Wang S-EV5.121 3120
Engineer in Residence Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy S-H851.02 3106
TA Coordinator Bipinkumar Patel S-H851.01 3157  

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