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Invited Speaker 2014
Algorithm Design for Map-Reduce - Download the presentation notes
Dr. Jeff Ullman (Stanford University)
Sep 26
Cryptography: My Own Experience
Dr. Gurgen Khachatrian (American University of Armenia)
Aug 12
Optimizing Energy and Bandwith in Mobile Streaming Systems
Dr. Joseph Peters (School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University)
July 16
Spreading Influence in Social Networks with Time Constraints
Dr. Joseph Peters (School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University)
July 14
Increasing Speedup and Confidentiality in Data Warehousing
Dr. Jorge Bernardino (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra)
June 16
Similarity of Weighted Tree Structures and Applications
Dr. Virendrakumar C. Bhavsar (University of New Brunswick)
June 11
Dimensions on Texts
Professor Hai Zhuge (Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications)
April 25
Dr. Avi Wigderson (Institute for Advanced Study)
March 28  
Simplifying Spanish Texts with Computers
Dr. Horacio Saggion (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
March 27
Clairvoyant Embedding in One Dimensions
Dr. Peter Gacs (Boston University)
March 12
Rumor Spreading and Graph Expansion
Dr. George Giakkoupis (INRIA Rennes, France)
March 10
Mining and Modeling in Networks from Diverse Domains
Dr. Petko Bogdanov (University of California, Santa Barbara)
March 3
Optimization: Beyond Heuristics and Dealing with Uncertainty
Dr. Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran (Harvard University)
Feb 24
Holistic and Extensible Business Intelligence and Big Data Cleaning
Dr. Jaroslaw Szlichta (University of Toronto)
Feb 11
High-Level Representations for Shape Understanding
Dr. Oliver van Kaick (Tel Aviv University)
Feb 10
How to Solve High-Dimensional Reinforcement Learning Problems while Avoiding the Curse of Dimensionality?
Dr. Amir-Massoud Farahmand (McGill University)dddd
Feb 7
Real-Time Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems
Abusayeed Saifullah (Washington University in St. Louis)
Jan 20
Pragmatic Prioritization Software Quality Assurance Efforts
Dr. Emad Shihab (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Jan 13


Invited Speaker 2013
Dimensioning (Optical) Networks for Cloud Computing
Chris Develder (Ghent University, Belgium)
Nov 26  
Optimal Design of Ethernet Ring Protection
Dr. Samir Sebbah (Oracle America & CISSE Concordia University)
June 20
The Internet and Beyond
Leonard Kleinrock (Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at UCLA)
June 11
STCDG: An Efficient Data Gathering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Qiang Ye (University of Prince Edward Island)
May 31
From Features to Predicates or From Symptoms to Syndromes in Supervised Pattern Recognition
Dr. Ventzeslav Valev (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
May 15
Mysteries of Search Trees
Dr. Robert E. Tarjan (Princeton University)
May 14
Nondeterminism in the Abstract Tile Assembly Model
Dr. Ehsan Chiniforooshan (Google)
May 13
Fundamental Physical Capabilities and Limitations in Communication and Computing
Dr. Lev B. Levitin (Boston University)
March 12
Towards Personalized Medicine
Dr. Thomas Triplet (Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics, Concordia University)
March 8
Higher-Order Multidimensional Programming
Dr. John Plaice (The University of New South Wales)
March 5
The World at your Geometricks
Dr. Tiberiu Popa (Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurich)
March 1
A Hybrid Framework for the Systematic Detection of Software Security Vulnerabilities in Source Code
Dr. Aiman Hanna (Concordia University)
Feb 12
Matchings, Perfect Matchings, and the Lovasz-Plummer Conjeture
Dr. Andrew King (Simon Fraser University)
Feb 8
Energy Efficient Cloud Networking: State of the Art, Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Burak Kantarci (Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa)
Jan 25
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