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Graduate and undergraduate students from Concordia's Computer Science and Software Engineering Department are invited to apply for our Teaching Assistant positions. You must be registered as a full-time or part-time student in a program at Concordia during the semester for which you are applying for TA positions. Please note that we give priority to graduate students from the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineeting when assigning TA positions.

Summer 2018 TA & Marker application is now closed. Only selected candidates will be contaced with an official job offer email (by mid-June for Summer 2 session courses).

Note: Application for Fall 2018 TA positions will only start in late July 2018.

Requirements for TA applicants


All TA applicants must attend the Health & Safety training workshop. If you have already done the workshop in a previous semester, you do not need to attend it again.  

The next Health & Safety workshop dates (for Fall 2018 TA application) will only be announced in early August 2018.


In addition, all TA applicants are required to complete the COPTTA (Concordia Oral Proficiency Test for Teaching Assistants) English test. If you have already passed the test before, you do not need to re-take it.

The next COPTTA test dates (for Fall 2018 TA application) will only be announced in early August 2018.

Only students who completed their Cegep or high-school here in Quebec in English or any other English institute in Canada are exempt from taking the COPTTA test. Please note that only applicants for tutor, lab demonstrator and programmers-on-duty positions (not marker) require completion of the Health & Safety and COPTTA. 

The following are the only categories of students exempt from taking the COPTTA test:

  • Marker applicants
  • Students who have already passed COPTTA with a score of 4 or higher
  • Students who have completed at least 4 years of education in English in a Canadian school prior to starting their Bachelor's degree (i.e English high-school or cegep). The candidate must supply proof.

Note that students who have studied in an English school outside of Canada will still need to pass the COPTTA test.

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