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CIADI regulations

Once you have completed your internship, you must submit, to the CIADI administrator, the following reports (click on link for templates:

You are required to submit these reports for every internship you receive.

The reports must be handed in on the following deadline dates.

  • Internships ending in August, reports must be received by the second Friday of September
  • Internships ending in December, reports must be received by the second Friday of January
  • Internships ending in April, reports must be received by the second Friday of May
  • For any other end dates the standard is to submit your reports 2 weeks after the end date.

(It is also important to check out the Regulations specific to students in the undergraduate program for more information on deadlines dates especially if you are graduating the same term).

All final reports and the executive summary MUST not contain any confidential information as these reports may be viewed by the public.  You must have the reports approved by your company.  NOTE: Students who have a Pratt & Whitney Canada Internship must fill out the 1040ae (Clearance Request for Technical Publication), or 1040 af (Demande d’autorisation de publication technique) in the P&WC intranet and follow the instructions, this includes the Executive Summary Sheet, Final Report and Progress Meeting Slide).  If you have any questions regarding this process you can contact Ms. Shirley Tam P&WC.  

Failure to successfully complete an internship may be subject to removal of your membership with CIADI (including the CIADI notation on your transcript).

Should you decline an internship after accepting one without a valid reason wiill be subject to the removal of your membership with CIADI.

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