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How to apply

Are you looking to enhance your education with real industry-driven experience?

At the Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation (CIADI), top students are selected to work in a stimulating and challenging engineering environment supervised by industry engineers and university professors. Through industry-driven research projects, the institute provides "an initiation to research" for students who may want to pursue graduate studies in aerospace. The institute is an excellent learning opportunity for undergraduate students to get to know the aerospace industry through organized visits and tours to its industrial partners.

Eligibility & procedure for applying

In order to apply to our institute, you must be registered in one of the following Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science programs:

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Master of Engineering (Aerospace)

Students from JMSB are also being accepted by request of the company.  This is done on a case by case basis.

Our institute has projects from areas related to Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering.  

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