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Research expertise

Dr. Samir Abdi

Embedded system Design, multi-core systems, system-on-chip modeling and formal methods.

Dr. Amir Aghdam

Decentralized large-scale systems, Digital control, Adaptive control, DSL communication networks.

Dr. Omair Ahmad

Algorithms and architectures for signal processing; Digital image processing; Video signal processing; Speech processing; Adaptive signal processing; Biomedical signal processing; Biomedical imaging; Computer vision; Protein sequence alignment; Biometrics; Fast discrete-domain transforms; Watermarking; Object detection and tracking; Communication signal processing; VLSI signal processing.

Dr. Otmane Ait Mohamed

Hardware specification and verification, Formal methods, VLSI design automation.

Dr. Ali Akgunduz

Airline operations, Transportation management, Systems simulation, Application of Operations Research on service and manufacturing applications.

Dr. Amir Asif

Signal Processing and Communications, Array Signal Processing, Distributed Estimation in Sensor Networks, Robust detection and imaging with Time Reversal, Error-resilient transcoding for mobile HD video streaming datasets, Multimedia communications, State Estimation in Microgrids.

Dr. Rama Bhat

Random and mechanical vibrations; rotor dynamics; structural acoustics; micromechatronic systems; modal testing and analysis; aeroelasticity; numerical methods.

Dr. Nadia Bhuiyan

Operational issues dealing with the design, development, production, and distribution of goods & services, with a focus on emerging tools and techniques in product/process design & development, design and manufacturing technologies, information management, and methods for integrating design & manufacturing to improve process performance.

Dr. Nizar Bouguila

Computer vision and pattern recognition, Machine learning and data mining, Image and signal processing, Statistical process control, 3D graphics and games.

Dr. Chevy Chen

CAD/CAE/CAM of aerospace parts, gears, and solid cutting tools. The Faculty's Engineering Design and Manufacture Lab has a DECKEL MAHO 5-axis CNC machining center, a Mitutoyo 5-axis coordinate measurement machine which he uses for his research.

Dr. Mingyuan Chen

Applied operations research; manufacturing systems design & analysis; production engineering; computer integrated manufacture; simulation of industrial systems; inventory control.

Dr. Ivan Contreras

Transportation and logistics; network optimization and design; facility location; hub location; scheduling; operations research; integer and combinatorial optimization; decomposition methods for large-scale optimization; robust optimization.

Dr. Mourad Debbabi

Cyber forensics, Network security, Software security, Malware analysis, Program analysis, Software engineering, Systems engineering, Formal semantics and methods, Verification and validation, Languages design and analysis.

Dr. Kudret Demirli

Lean Manufacturing, Lean Supply Chain, and Lean Healthcare.

Dr. Ali Dolatabadi

CFD, Numerical and experimental Two-phase flows, Microfluidics, Micro-scale actuators, Spray Coatings of metals and ceramics using High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process, Spray and atomization, Heat and mass transfers.

Dr. Isabelle Dostaler

Aviation and aerospace industry, New product development, Strategy, Supplier-buyer relationships.

Dr. Rachida Dssouli

Communication software engineering, Quality assurance for software, Service engineering, Conformance testing based on FSM, EFSM and timed automata, Requirement engineering based on scenarios, Multimedia applications and QoS.

Dr. Mehdi Farashahi

Aviation industry, International business, Local/global institutions and strategy of firms, Management and organizations in developing countries, Managing multinational corporations, Strategy and institutional theories, Synthesizing research.

Dr. Rajamohan Ganesan

Composite materials and structures; stochastic mechanics and random vibrations; stress analysis; finite element method; vibration analysis and machine dynamics; machinery monitoring and diagnostics; engineering fracture mechanics and fatigue.

Dr. Amin Hammad

Telegeoinformatics, Location-based computing, Sustainable infrastructure lifecycle management, Virtual reality urban simulation, Geographic information system.

Dr. Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj

Object-oriented Software Engineering, Software Maintenance; Reverse Engineering, Program Comprehension, Software Visualization.

Dr. Shahin Hashtrudi-Zad

Control systems, discrete-event systems, fault diagnosis.

Dr. Suong Hoa

Composite materials and structures; design of composite structures; vibration; stress analysis; dynamics; finite element method; testing and evaluation of composite materials and structures; manufacturing of composites.  

Dr. Mehdi Hojjati

Composite material design, analysis and manufacturing. This includes process modeling, material characterization, automated fiber placement, hot drape forming, compression molding, and autoclave curing.

Dr. Ashok Kaushal

Rotor dynamics; Modal testing and analysis; Finite element method; Vibration analysis and machine dynamics; Machinery monitoring and diagnostics; Product Development product development.

Dr. Mojtaba Kheiri

Fluid-structure interactions, Aeroelasticity, Flow-induced vibration, Wind engineering, Airborne wind energy, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Renewable energy systems, Energy harvesting, Numerical methods.

Dr. Kash Khorasani

Nonlinear, adaptive and robust control, Flexible joint and link robot manipulators, Modelling and control of large scale systems, Neural networks, Real-time systems, Singular perturbation analysis, Virtual reality and haptic interfaces.

Dr. Onur Kuzgunkaya

Design and Analysis of Flexible/Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, Economic Evaluation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing System Performance Evaluation, Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis, Complexity in Manufacturing, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Methods, Fuzzy Optimization, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Tsz-ho Kwok

3D Printing, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Mass Customization, Computer-Aided Design.

Dr. Susan Liscouët-Hanke

Aircraft systems architecting, aircraft design, technology evaluation, model-based systems engineering, novel technologies for aircraft systems.

Dr. Luiz Lopez

Power electronics, High power converters, Distributed generation.

Dr. Mohammad Mannan

Authentication and systems security, Privacy, Social networking, Trusted computing, OS/Hypervisor security, Phishing, Android/Mobile security.

Dr. Catharine Marsden

Structures, materials and manufacturing, product development and the supply chain.

Dr. Mamoun Medraj

Water droplet impingement erosion, Light metals, alloys development, metal matrix composites, computational thermodynamics, phase diagrams, nanostructured coatings, and failure analysis and stress waves.

Dr. Christian Moreau

Thermal Spraying, Coatings, Properties / Microstructure Relationship, Industrial Applications of Coatings, Particle Diagnostics, Optical, Sensors, Optical Pyrometry, Control of Thermal Spray Processes.

Dr. Catherine Mulligan

Environmental Engineering, Surfactant-enhanced washing and flushing of contaminated soils and sediments, Treatment and management of metal-contaminated soils, sediments and wastes, Bioremediation, Physical, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater, Biological treatment of air.

Dr. Sivakumar Narayanaswamy  

Measurement of surface roughness, profile and length using laser interferometry, dynamic characterization of vibrating objects, characterization of MEMS devices. In Micromachining: Pulsed Laser micromachining of photonic devices such as surface relief gratings, fiber bragg gratings and feature size reduction by direct machining.

Dr. Hoi Dick Ng

Combustion; explosion; detonation and deflagration; shock waves physics; alternative fuel research; energetic materials; theoretical and computational fluid dynamics; applied mathematics, numerical methods.

Dr. Muthukumaran Packirisamy

Optical MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), PVDF MEMS, Microphotonics, Dynamics of Microsystems, Integrated Microsensors and Microactuators, Silicon Micromachining, Fuzzy System Identification of Microsystems, Design and manufacturing.

Dr. Robert Paknys

Antennas, electromagnetic scattering and diffraction.

Dr. Marius Paraschivoiu

Computational fluid dynamics; finite element methods for fluid simulations; aerodynamic simulations; wind energy; acoustic simulations; parallel computing; turbulence modeling.

Dr. Pragasen Pillay

Modeling, analysis, design and control of electric machines, electric motor drive systems, traction motors for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, renewable energy including wind, biomass, solar energy and Microphotosynthetic Power Cell, energy storage, energy efficiency and conservation, sustainability issues in power and energy engineering.

Dr. Martin Pugh

Plastics, ceramics, metals, and composites; materials science; properties and failure of materials; casting, welding, heat-treating and non-destructive testing.

Dr. Subhash Rakheja

Human response to vibration and shock; vehicle dynamics; optimization and vibration control in system design; directional control and stability of commercial vehicles; driver-vehicle interactions; power tools and hand-transmitted vibration; seating dynamics and driver vibration; semi-active and active vibration control; vehicle and ride dynamics; vehicle suspension analysis.

Dr. Akshay Kumar Rathore

Power Electronics, Pulsewidth Modulation Techniques, Soft-switching Techniques, Electrical Drives, Renewable Energy, Microgrid, Transportation Electrification, Marine Applications, Optimal Control of Medium Voltage Drives, Multilevel Inverters, Current-fed Circuit Topologies, Wireless Power Transfer, V2G and S2V systems, High-frequency Power Conversion.

Dr. Rabindranath Raut

VLSI/Analog VLSI.  Analog IC and Analog Filter.

Dr. Luis Rodrigues

Control systems, avionics, aerospace.

Dr. Abdelrazik Sebak

Phased array antennas, applied electromatnetics, EM  scattering, RCS, EMC/EMI, Em theory, antennas; computational electromagnetics.

Dr. Ramin Sedaghati

Smart Materials and Structures (Adaptive Structures); Adaptive Energy Absorption Systems using Smart ER/MR Fluids; Design Optimization of Lightweight Metallic or Composite Structures; Computational Mechanics (Finite Element Method).

Dr. Rastko R. Selmic

Smart sensors and actuators, cooperative sensing and control, gesture-based computing and control, and UAV formation control.

Dr. Krzysztof (Chris) Skonieczny

Polymers (plastics, adhesives, sealants etc), Composites based on synthetic fibres, Polymers and organic compounds for energy conservation.

Dr. Ion Stiharu

Design and manufacturing; dynamics; micromachining and micromechanics; tribology; high precision mechanics; intelligent vehicle systems; micromechatronic devices; microsensors (acoustic, acceleration, pressure, humidity); microtribology; nonconventional lubrication methods; sensors and detection systems.

Dr. Sofiène Tahar

Hardware specification and verification, formal methods, VLSI design automation, communications hardware and protocols.

Dr. Nikolaos Tsantalis

Software engineering, Software maintenance, Software design quality, Refactoring, Software evolution analysis, Design pattern detection.

Dr. Brian Vermeire

Computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, high-performance computing, turbulence, numerical methods, applied mathematics, optimization, large eddy simulation, direct numerical simulation.

Dr. Paula Wood-Adams

Applied polymer science, relationships between structures and properties of polymers, surface and interfacial phenomena in materials, polymer crystallization, rheology and complex fluids.

Dr. Rolf Wuthrich

Non traditional manufacturing processes, glass micro-machining, electrochemical discharges, micro-systems, nano-particles, gas evolving electrodes, stochastic process modelling, multi-physics modelling, nanostructured electro-catalysts, hydrogen production, fuel-cells.

Dr. Wen-Fang Xie

Dynamic modeling and control, Mechatronics, Visual Servo Control, Soft Computing Techniques, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Industrial Process Control and Flight control.

Dr.Yong Zeng

Innovative and creative design, Theory and methodology, Cognitive experiments, Computational technologies.

Dr. Youmin Zhang

RAvionics and Flight Control for Manned and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Spacecraft/Satellites; Monitoring, Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD), and Fault-Tolerant Control Systems (FTCS); Reliability and Fault Tolerance Techniques for Safety-Critical Engineering Systems; Modeling, Simulation, Control, and Diagnosis for Engineering Applications; Filtering, Estimation, Identification and Information Fusion Techniques; Advanced Signal/Image Processing Techniques for Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control with Engineering Applications; Advanced Controls and Fault-Tolerant Control Techniques for Applications to Unmanned Systems (on Air, Space, Land, and Sea), Forest Fires, Power Lines, and Pipelines, Renewable Energy and Smart Grids, Machines and Mechatronic Systems, and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.

Dr. Wei-ping Zhu

Speech and audio processing, Advanced signal processing for wireless communications, OFDM/MIMO systems, MIMO relay networks, Cooperative communication.


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