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Are you a CIADI alumni? Join us for the Alumni Recognition Ceremony. It's a time to recognize all the incredible work done by CIADI members and to connect with past alumni.


"CIADI has allowed me to explore the Aerospace industry on a national and international level as early as my undergraduate studies. I was given the opportunity to work with the elite companies of the Aerospace Industry such as Pratt & Whitney Canada, Airbus Military and Rolls-Royce Canada. Being part of CIADI was rewarding and enriching.

Being part of CIADI global was an eye opening experience, not only on a professional level but on personal and social levels as well. I completed a work term in Spain with Airbus military and toured the most renown aerospace companies in Europe; this was certainly a valuable opportunity to get a more in depth perspective on the Aero-space industry worldwide. The networking through CIADI helped me gain a strong sense of purpose and values to succeed in the real world."

"Looking back, making a switch from Electrical Engineering from another institute to Industrial Engineering at Concordia was crucial in my early career development. A big reason for this was because of the CIADI program. From passing the very stressful CIADI group interviews to on the job training with the world's largest aerospace players, CIADI helped me in a multitude of ways. I had the opportunity to gather a very wealthy work experience in companies such as Pratt & Whitney Canada and AVEOS Fleet Performance before even finishing my degree. 

Today I am part of Rolls-Royce Canada's Business Improvement team working on a multi-million project."

"When I entered Concordia University I knew instantly that I wanted to couple the academic education I was receiving with real world experience. CIADI gave me the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the aerospace industry here in Montreal. Through my two internships at CAE and Pratt & Whitney, I acquired skills not taught in the academic world. I was able to integrate fully in these companies and learned how to apply my engineering knowledge to everyday projects. 

It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. Today as a full time engineer at CAE I am internally grateful for the experience CIADI gave me."

"CIADI is a great program for students interested in the aerospace industry. It gives them a competitive edge and gain practical experience with the right tools and skills to pursue their careers in aerospace. Being part of CIADI gave me the opportunity and exposure to a world leading MRO. I was very lucky to be part of this association that helped me start off my career in aerospace. CIADI opened doors to many students in their professional development and today, we are benefiting from a great network of skilled experts in various aerospace industries. CIADI students and alumni are priceless and last a lifetime."

"The CIADI program gave me the right experience to confidently land a great career in the aerospace industry. Even after 7 years since I joined, I am still benefitting from the many advantages of the program. Because of the multiple internship opportunities I was offered, I was able to acquire different forms of experience from the aerospace industry across different organisations and countries. Still today, I apply what I have learned during my internships in many assignments. The networking to which I was exposed during this time was invaluable; today I regularly get advice, insights and opportunities from those who I have worked with in the past. My CIADI experience was a foundation for my career and it will continue to help propel me towards my aspirations"

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