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Information for Students About March 13-29

FAQ for Undergraduates Regarding Registration

1.       To schedule an advising appointment, please email with

a.       your full name,

b.       your email address,

c.       your phone number,

d.       your student ID number,

e.       current program of study,

f.        reason for appointment (be as detailed as possible),

g.       and preferred times.

The Service Assistant will contact you to set up a time. The advising appointments are done over phone, email and Zoom where necessary. The available times are listed on our website, but please note that the appointments fill up fast so your preferred times may not be available:

2.       Due to Covid-19 and restrictions on in-person teaching, POLI 489/1/AB, POLI 480/1/AA are cancelled. Please email if you were enrolled in one of these classes, are a potential graduate for the fall semester and need a 400 level course to graduate.

3.       POLI 489/2/AA, Advanced Seminar in Public Policy: Minding the Gap is a practical look at how policy is made in Canada and Quebec. It will be taught by our former Public Administration Scholar in Residence, David Heurtel.

While this is largely a graduate class (for the Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration), there are five seats reserved for highly qualified undergraduate students in the Political Science major or Honours program. This course will by available by application only. Information will be sent out in June on how to apply.

4.       If you cannot enroll into a course that appears to have available seats and are receiving the error message, “You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved for students in specific programs and according to the  rules defined by the department, you do not meet these criteria.
For Fine Arts, Arts & Science or Gina Cody School of Engineering & Computer Science courses, please consult the department offering this course to obtain permission to register, or select another class.”
This means that all seats reserved for students in your program are full. In this case you will need to enroll on the wait list and wait until a seat for which you are eligible opens up.

a.       For example, POLI 388/2/A has 45 seats reserved for POLI students, 10 seats reserved for students with a minor in Human Rights and 5 seats reserved for students in Law and Society.  All 45 seats for POLI students could be taken and only 5 seats are left in Law and Society, therefore POLI students would not be able to register at this time and would need to get on the waitlist.

5.       If you need prerequisites waived in order to take a course that is part of your degree requirements, please fill out the Prerequisite Waiver Request Form and email it along with a copy of your unofficial transcript to

a.       For Law and Society students, please contact Alycia Manning for access to POLI courses that are part of your degree requirements.

b.       For Sustainability students, please contact Rebecca Tittler for access to POLI courses that are part of your degree requirements.

c.       Please note that if the course is not part of your degree requirements you will not be given access to take the POLI course. The department does often decide to open the intro level courses to non-program students usually during the first week of classes. Please check back a week before classes for an update on this.

6.       None of the courses in Political Science can be taken as an elective at this time. Please refer to the SAS website with a list of electives that are updated regularly.

7.       To help your requests, please ensure to include your student ID number and the complete course information to which you are inquiring about. (i.e. POLI 206/2/A)

FAQ for Undergraduates General Inquiries

1.       Please refer to the website for updates regarding Covid-19.

2.       You can access all departmental forms on our website under “Resources for Current Students”.  ( This includes:

a.       Change of Concentration Form (please allow 2 weeks for processing)

b.       Prerequisite Waiver Request Form

c.       Undergraduate Student Request Form

d.       Degree Requirements

e.       Orientation Guides

3.       Please submit any forms to


FAQ for Undergraduates for End of Term

1.       Please see the website for important academic dates:

a.       Note: The last day for academic withdrawal (DISC) from two-term and winter-term courses has been extended to April 15th.

2.       For information regarding the Pass/Fail option, please see the website:

3.       All final exams will be online. Your professor will contact you whether

a.       your final exam requires proctoring,

b.       whether the format of your exam has been changed to a “take-home”,

c.       or whether your final exam is cancelled and the weight of your other assignments will be redistributed to calculated your final grade.

Please refer to the website for information about online exams:       

2.       Political Science staff will be working remotely from 9-5, Mon-Fri. Please expect a delay in response time to inquiries, but rest assured that we will respond to you as soon as we can. We have been able to get to most student inquiries in a 1-3 day response time.

a.       Please refrain from emailing all the Political Science staff the same question at once, but wait for a response for at least 3 days. When students email all the Political Science staff with the same question, it slows everything down for you and for other students. All accounts are being monitored and your message will be seen.

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