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Sights of Feeling: The Milieux Institute Expo

Date and time
Date & time

October 19, 2018
3 p.m. – 5 p.m.


Room SB03 (Black Box) / 10th & 11th floors
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex
1515 St. Catherine W.
Sir George Williams Campus


This event is free

Wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair accessible


Milieux’s first Expo, Sights of Feeling, is an institute-wide exhibition featuring the work of 30 student members across all eight of Milieux’s research clusters.

milieux expo

Sights of Feeling explores the embodied, qualitative and 'feeling' encounters provoked in the act of research-creation work. The ethnographic, game-based, performative, photographic, sculptural and written works in this exhibition create a space for witnessing care, empathy and marginalized voices. Sights of Feeling seeks to reveal some of the many ways in which research-creation work at Milieux 'sees others' and 'makes seen' through encounters outside of the more traditional bounds and segmented disciplinary knowledges of academia. Processual techniques of practicing and disseminating research in the academic milieu are made visible here, within, around and outside the Institute; gesturing towards a fleeting grasp on what it means to make, and to witness, research-creation practices.

This event is free of charge and open to the public. Everyone welcome.
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Curated by Treva Michelle Legassie, and featuring the research-creation work of:

- Jessica Bebenek
- Hilary Bergen
- Matthew Brooks
- Théo Chauvirey and WhiteFeather Hunter
- Kelann Currie-William
- Debo Enitale
- Rebecca Goodine and Enric Llagostera
- Eileen Mary Holowka
- Alice Jarry
- Ryth Kesselring
- Suzanne Kite
- Lucas LaRochelle
- Treva Legassie and Alejandra Melian-Morse
- Charline Lemieux
- Margaret MacDonald
- Kinga Michalska
- Zinnia Naqvi
- Matthew Robin Nye
- Yvonne Pelling and WhiteFeather Hunter
- Abbie Rappaport
- Alexandre Saunier
- Adam Sims
- Kalervo Sinervo
- Skawennati, co-produced by AbTeC
- Sanaz Sohrabi
- Darian Goldin Stahl
- Ida Toft
- Tricia Toso

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