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A Transdisciplinary Approach to Self-care, Advocacy & Community: Workshop

Date & time

Friday, July 3, 2020
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


This event is free





In this workshop, designed for all members of the university community, you will learn about “transdisciplinary intelligence” and how to mobilize it as a transformational implement for self-care, advocacy, and community. We are all inevitably boxed into categories by the institutions and work-based environments we frequent on a daily basis, and these categories often follow a binary model. You are either a teacher or a student; you are either privileged or underprivileged, for example. How can we redefine intelligence to evolve beyond these constraints and, going even further, learn how to use the binary system smartly so that we can hold two different ends of a spectrum in our own headspace?

Designed and led by Chesline Pierre-Paul, an MA candidate at Concordia University, this workshop will guide you, through group activities and individual prompts, towards building new theoretical frameworks that can be implemented in your daily practices of self-care, advocacy, and community.

How can you participate? Register for our Zoom event. You can also follow along with the workshop through a live-stream on 4TH SPACE’s Facebook page.

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Chesline Pierre-Paul, MA candidate in Translation Studies, Concordia

Chesline is a coach, solopreneur, media activist, and global thought leader. She is dedicated to using creativity & transdisciplinarity as a way to positively disrupt narratives of power & reverse the polarities of underprivilege & privilege so to empower racialized, non-binary creative allies into agency, positive visibility & self-governance. She is currently completing her MA in Translation Studies with a project on transracial Indigenous digital oral culture underway.

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