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CSA @ Congress 2020

Resisting Racism and Colonialism

Date & time

Monday, June 1, 2020 –
Thursday, June 4, 2020 (all day)



The Annual Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) Conference makes it possible for our members to meet and discuss academic, research, educational and administrative matters. As a CSA member, you will have the opportunity to disseminate your findings, and to learn from other researchers through a myriad of organized sessions. Our Conference is part of the larger Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress. More than 70 other associations within the FHSS will hold their Conferences as well during the Congress in London Ontario.

Canadian Sociological Association Conference Theme: Resisting Racism and Colonialism

The Program Committee selected this theme as a way to address the broader Congress theme (Bridging Divides: Confronting Colonialism and Anti-Black Racism) through a sociological lens.

Our theme focuses on resistance to the structural inequalities and violence against Black, Indigenous and racialized peoples, examining social forces in the world around us while remaining self-reflexive about our own disciplinary practices.

* This conference will be virtual 

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