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Life in Montreal

Montreal is a safe, affordable place to live and a great city for students. You will find friendly people, neighborhoods full of life, cafes and restaurants, shopping, parks, extraordinary architecture, and an active 24/7 vitality. A city of art and culture, Montreal is alive with creative energy. Enjoy the numerous cultural events, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the International Fireworks Competition, the Montreal International Film Festival and so many more.

Facilities and services

Counseling & Development
Counseling & Development offers support and advice in many areas. For example, you can attend workshops to help you use the library, or learn good tips for writing papers. If you have personal difficulties, you can meet with a counselor who will help you solve your problems.

Health Services
Concordia University offers excellent health care to all of its students and staff. If you need to see a doctor, you can visit the clinic and get the help you need. Not only do they treat you when you are sick, but if you need help improving your general health - eating healthy, quitting smoking, managing stress, and so much more.

Le Gym
Le Gym is Concordia's state-of-the art fitness centre. They offer the latest and best in exercise equipment and a friendly environment where staff are always available to provide assistance and guidance.

LIVE Center
The LIVE Center is the place for you if you want to spend some time volunteering in the community. It is a great opportunity to improve your English, and learn a little about Montreal culture. There are many opportunities to help you network and build job skills.

Student Support Groups
If you want to make friends with other students in the university who share the same background or interest, you can connect with a variety of students groups from around the world, and you can participate in some of the many events hosted by the International Students Association.

Socio-cultural activities

Veselina Kitkarska, Special Activities Consultant Veselina Kitkarska, Special Activities Consultant

While in Canada, we will offer you many opportunities to visit local areas and learn about Canadian culture while practicing your English. Our social activity organizers plan exciting and fun activities for students to enjoy the four seasons of Canada, such as visiting Ottawa for the Tulip Festival in the spring, taking a boat ride down the Saint Lawrence River in the summer, going apple picking and horseback riding in the fall and in the winter, tubing in the Laurentians or even watching a Concordia hockey game!

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