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Course Code: CEWD 429
So, want to learn how to use JavaScript and the jQuery library, eh? Well it's your lucky day; we can help you with that. This very course will start by helping you master the JavaScript syntax. From there, you'll learn how to validate form-data, create simple animations and update page elements on the fly. You'll learn all about adding GUI widgets (sounds like fun!), applying effects and updating CSS elements. Once you're initiation is complete, you'll be ready to create dynamic web pages using JavaScript and jQuery. And you'll be eligible for geek programmer level 1 status.

Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Create dynamic web pages with jQuery and JavaScript;
• Validate form-data using JavaScript;
• Update CSS dynamically using jQuery;
• Create animations using jQuery and use its plug-ins effectively.

Our approach

In this program, you'll delve into the world of Java, led by industry experts who'll guide you through active-learning assignments and projects while encouraging you to get enthusiastically involved in class discussions. You should expect to be very hands-on.

Who benefits the most?

• Students who completed CEWD 319 and want to continue their studies.
• Anyone who wants or needs to learn the fundamentals of programming.
• Graduate students who need develop software as part of their course work or thesis.
• Students in any university program who wish to acquire practical and hands-on skills in programming.
• Web Designers, UX Designers and Quality Assurance Specialists who want to better understand the software development process.
• Developers currently working in another programming language who want to learn Java in an instructor-led setting.
• Developers who want to expand their knowledge of Java in an instructor-led setting.

Alumni discount

Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni, based on the information maintained by the Office of the Registrar, are waived from paying registration and late registration fees when enrolling for courses at Concordia Continuing Education. In addition, Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni will receive a 10% reduction on their tuition fees. The Alumni discount is automatically calculated when students enroll on-line.


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