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Course Code: CEWD 365
You probably got to this page because you're already familiar with the quality of education here. But what if you were just Googling something? The first few results would be paid ads, but after that it's all Search Engine Optimization: the science of having your website stand out among the 1 billion websites online today. In this course, you'll learn proven techniques to increase the number of visitors to a website. You'll learn all about keyword research and selection, placement and density, tagging, linking, site design and performance, as well as social media tactics. Remember: if they can't find you online, you don't exist.
If that's the case, press reboot and take this course.

Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Understand how web pages are crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines;
• Implement on-site and off-site SEO strategies and techniques;
• Accurately track, measure and analyze web metrics and statistics;
• Incorporate social media and content marketing into SEO strategy.

Our approach

In this program, you'll gain real-world knowledge, experience and insights through hands-on training from industry experts with a wealth of experience. Individual and group activities are very hands-on, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Who benefits the most?

• Students who have completed CEWD 219 and want to continue their education.
• Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of SEO.
• Students who want to work in advertising, social media, public relations, website creation, writing for the web and management.
• Students moving onward to an academic path in the web world.
• Employees in marketing, communications or sales who want to refresh their skills or open new horizons.
• Small-business owners, entrepreneurs or association members who manage their own communications.
• Website owners/managers who want to maximize their reach on the web.

Alumni discount

Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni, based on the information maintained by the Office of the Registrar, are waived from paying registration and late registration fees when enrolling for courses at Concordia Continuing Education. In addition, Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni will receive a 10% reduction on their tuition fees. The Alumni discount is automatically calculated when students enroll on-line.

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