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Emergency Preparedness

We don't plan to fail, but we often fail to plan.

Taking a few moments to consider what emergencies you may be exposed to and planning for those emergencies before they happen will ensure that you are better prepared to deal with the emergency if and when it occurs.

Recent disasters have demonstrated that even in the most developed countries, we must takes steps to prepare to be self sufficient for at least the first 72 hours following a disaster.

The university undertakes preparedness and prevention activities on an institutional level but encourages all staff and students to do so as well.

Below are a few simple ways to prepare yourself for an emergency situation:

  • Take a few minutes to review established emergency procedures
  • Take a first aid and/or fire prevention course
  • Become a CERT volunteer
  • Attend an Emergency Preparedness seminar
  • Ensure that you and your family have supplies to be self sufficient for 72 hours.
  • Ensure your first aid kit is fully stocked
  • Download the Alertus + mobile application (oprganization code: Concordia) (The Alertus + app is referred to as the Alertus app for Android users
  • Download the Alertus + laptop application (MyCorcordia portal under Software and Applications)
  • Follow the Office of Emergency Management on social media
  • Watch the Emergencies at Concordia: What you Need to Know video.
  • Pick up a copy of the Emergency Procedure Guide, or download one here. Guides are available at any of the following Security service points: Hall, EV, MB, GN, SP, AD.
  • If working in isolation or afterhours, subscribe to Checkmate for regular safety checks 
  • If going out of province for Concordia purposes, register to the Concordia travel registry in MyConcordia. 




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