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Iranian Studies

Concordia University's program in Iranian Studies is unique in North America. An undergraduate minor is currently offered, with a major being planned as the program grows. At the M.A. level the departments of Religion and Film Studies have particular strengths in Iranian Studies, but students may choose an Iran focus when applying to other departments as well. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in Iranian Studies may apply to the Religion Department, the Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities, or the Specialized Individualized Programs, depending on their particular research interest.

Iranian Studies at Concordia are interdisciplinary, drawing on faculty expertise and student interests in the fields of religion, history, literature, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies, art and architecture. The wide scope of Iran-related research and teaching at Concordia reflects the extraordinarily broad impact of Iranian civilization on the world’s diverse cultures, from the Balkans to China and India, over a span of some three thousand years.

Concordia aims in the coming years to establish itself as the premier centre for Iranian Studies in Montréal and in Canada, serving to link the University with diverse organizations promoting all aspects of Iranian culture for the benefit of the broader community.

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