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Past Theses Defences

Brice Jones Thesis title forthcoming
Laurie Lamoureux Scholes Thesis title forthcoming
Anthony Easton Thesis title forthcoming
Pascale Greenfield Thesis title forthcoming
Bradley Martin
Thesis title forthcoming
Devorah Rosenberg
Thesis title forthcoming
Elana Wenner Thesis title forthcoming
Marie-Paule Martel-Reny "Youth, Identity and the Search for Meaning: A Qualitative Study of Religion and Spirituality Among Adolescents in Contemporary Quebec."
Setareh Saeed Thesis title forthcoming
Miriam Bergo Tremblay Thesis title forthcoming
Sandra Hlavenka Thesis title forthcoming
Diane Fereig "Locating Kashmir in Lal Ded: Communicating Identity and Meaning Through Narrative."
Michelle Folk "Ascetics, Devotees, Disciples and Lords of the Matam: Monastries in Medieval Tamilnadu."
Andrea Gondos "Kabbalah in Print: Literary Strategies of Popular Mysticism in Early Modernity."
Vinay Khetia "Fatima as a Motif of Contention and Suffering in Islamic Sources."
Laurie Lamoureux-Scholes "Making the Mosaic Work? A Study of the Canadian Interfaith Movement".
Mark McGuire "From the City to the Mountain and Back Again: Situating Contemporary Shugendô  ("Japanese mountain asceticism") in Japanese Social and Religious Life."
Andrew Renahan "From Authenticity to Accountability: Re-Imagining Charles Taylor's Best Account Principle."
Katherine Romanow "Mufleta, Zaban and Sushi: The Development of the Mimouna and its Foodways from Morocco to Montreal."
Khadijeh Zolghadr "Contemporary Gender Thought in Islam and Judaism: The Position of Women According to Ayatollah Mutahhari and Rabbi Soloveitchik."

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