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Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA)

Recognizing the diverse interests and needs of the Concordia University Political Science Graduate Students, the Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA) will strive to act in a manner that is representative of its members.

The PSGSA, under the parameters set forth within these General By-Laws, shall:
  1. Represent the collective interests and promote the general welfare of the Political Science graduate students of Concordia University.
  2. Provide a platform to stimulate opportunities for all members in a variety of cultural, intellectual, political, recreational and social activities.
  3. Provide representation for its members to promote the influence of graduate students on decision-making bodies and encourage the involvement of its members in political processes, both internal and external to the University.
  4. Create a positive working and social environment for its members.
  5. Advocate to improve the quality of graduate education at Concordia.
  6. Facilitate cooperation among students by providing services and organizing events, which supplement the learning experience of its members and develop a sense of community.
  7. Publicize information of interest to association members.
  8. Support endeavors to foster and disseminate the work of students in the Masters of Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPPA) and PhD students in Political.
Executive 2019-2020
Executive Chair   Ashley Rodriques
Vice-Chair of Financial Affairs  Michael Morgan
Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs  Charlie Orme
Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs
Taran Singh
Vice-Chair of Represenatation and Grievance Santana Briggs
Vice-Chair of Social Affairs
Jessica Ward

Interdisciplinary Discussion Board

Interested in collaborating with other departments on activities or projects? The PSGSA has set up an Interdisciplinary Discussion Board.

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