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Henri Habib Lecture Series


Dr Henri Habib, founder of the Department of Political Science in 1961 and of the Henri Habib Distinguished Speakers Series on Peace, Conflict and Global Politics in the 21st Century, in 2005.

Lloyd Axworthy, September 30, 2005 "Global Citizenship: The Responsibility to Protect"

Lloyd Axworthy was the inaugural speaker of the Henri Habib Distinguished Speaker Series on Peace, Conflict and Global Politics in the 21st Century, on September 30, 2005. His talk was entitled "Global Citizenship: The Responsibility to Protect".

Raymond Chretien

Raymond Chretien gave a talk entitled "Canada and the World Today" on November 14th. 

BobRae2011 (2)

Bob Rae gave a talk entitled " A Vision of Canadain Foreign Policy: Afganistan, the Middle East and the World" on February 8th, 2011.


On September 11th, 2011 Ken Taylor spoke at Concordia. The title of his talk was " Iran: The Middle East Power". 

Jean Chretien 2016

Jean Chretian came to speak at Concordia on March 4th 2016. Hias talk was entitled "Canada: Its Own Flag, Its Own Destiny". Listen to the talk at this link 

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