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Beyond Disciplines

A podcast series designed to encourage discussion that spans the disciplines of Concordia University's Arts and Science Faculty. 

These podcasts examine major questions of the day, from a variety of viewpoints.

Podcast tracklist

Blue Met podcasts

Blue Metropolis is a multilingual literary festival which takes place in the city every spring. This podcast series will give you unique glimpses into the 2017 edition of the festival.

The Alchemy of Poetry

In this episode, producer Jordan Brown weaves a sonic landscape that explores alchemy as a poetic practice. He directly responds to ideas addressed by Liz Howard, Stanka Rastelj, and Amir Or on the Blue Met panel of the same name.


Montreal: Once and Future City of Refuge

Writers from the world over—including the U.S—have found sanctuary in Montreal, and their fiction reflects this. We hear from Su Sokol, author of "Cycling to Assylum", as well as Ehab Lotayef, author of the poetry collections "Crossing Gibraltar" and "To Love a Palestinian Woman"


The State of the Art: New Aesthetics in Game Narratives

The State of the Art of Video Games with William Robinson

Producers Aaron Lakoff and Sarah Tayeh sit down with William Robinson, a leading video games scholar at Concordia, to discuss narrative and the art of video games.


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