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Career Options


Numerous career options can be envisaged after graduation whether at the BSc, MSc or PhD level.

Bachelor's or master's graduates

Graduates with a BSc or a MSc can work:

  • Various industries, for example:
    • photonics
    • opto-electronics
    • semiconductors
    • biomedical and biophysics
    • advanced materials
    • nanotechnology
    • energy production
    • flight simulation
    • aeronautics
    • space science
    • engineering
  • Teaching
    • College or secondary levels, provided that some requirements are met  
  • Governmental positions.
  • Non-technical positions: Interestingly, physics graduates are also sought by employers for non-technical positions such as law, administration, business, journalism and publishing.

Doctoral graduates

At the PhD level, besides the possibilities already mentioned, your career can also be oriented towards research and development in research institutes/industries, or research and teaching in universities.

More career opportunities

More information on careers can be found in the following web pages.

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