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Bianucci Research Group

Our research is mostly based on optical microresonators, microscopic structures that can maintain light confined within them. We interrogate them using optical fibers (that have been tapered to a diameter comparable to the wavelength of near-infrared light) and free-space lasers.


Some of the projects we are interested in are:

  • Studying the optical properties of nanomaterials coupled to microresonators.
  • Designing and implementing micro- and nanophotonics devices.
  • Investigating ultra-sensitive biosensors (in collaboration with Microphotonics Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal).
  • Fast and slow light in microresonators.
  • Solid-state quantum optics.

Representative publications

  1. K. McGarvey-Lechable, and P. Bianucci, "Maximizing slow-light enhancement in one-dimensional photonic crystal ring resonators", Optics Express 22, 26032 (2014) .

  2. M. H. Tavakoli-Dastjerdi, M. Djavid, S. Arafin, X. Liu, P. Bianucci, Z. Mi, and P. J. Poole,“Optically pumped rolled-up InAs/InGaAsP quantum dash lasers at room temperature”, Semiconductor Science and Technology 28, 094007 (2013)

    P. Bianucci, S. Mukherjee, M. H. Tavakoli-Dastjerdi, P. J. Poole, and Z. Mi,“InGaAsP/InAs quantum dot microtube lasers”, Applied Physics Letters 101, 031104–4 (2012)

  3. P. Bianucci, X. Wang, J. G. C. Veinot and A. Meldrum, "Silicon Nanocrystals on Bottle Resonators: Mode Structure, loss mechanisms and emission dynamics", Optics Express 18, 8466 (2010)

  4. P. Bianucci, J. R. Rodriguez, C. Clements, J. G. C. Veinot and A. Meldrum, "Silicon nanocrystal luminescence coupled to whispering gallery modes in optical fibers", Journal of Applied Physics 105, 023108 (2009)

  5. P. Bianucci, C. R. Fietz, J. W. Robertson, G. Shvets and C. K. Shih, "Observation of simultaneous fast and slow light", Physical Review A 77, 053816 (2008) arXiv:0803.1216

  6. P. Bianucci, C. R. Fietz, J. W. Robertson, G. Shvets and C. K. Shih, "Whispering gallery mode microresonators as polarization converters", Optics Letters 32, 2224 (2007)

  7. P. Bianucci, C. R. Fietz, J. W. Robertson, G. Shvets and C. K. Shih, "Polarization conversion in a silica microsphere", Optics Express 15, 6999 (2007) arXiv:0704.0422

  8. P. Bianucci, A. Muller, Q. Q. Wang, C. K. Shih, C. Piermarocchi, Q. K. Xue, "Experimental realization of the one qubit Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm in a quantum dot", Physical Review B 69, 161303R (2004) cond-mat/0401226

Graduate students

Amir Hassanpour, Ph. D. student
E-mail: amirPHYS.hassanpour AT (remove the PHYS)
Growth and fabrication of ZnO optical microresonators


Tabassom Hamidfar, Ph. D. student


Kathleen McGarvey-Lechable, Ph. D. student


Christine Thompson, Ph. D. student

Undergraduate students

Dhan Cardinal 
Resonant modes of periodic structures

Costa Papadatos 
Fabrication of tapered optical fibers


Nathan Yee 
Growth of ZnO nanowires (SCOL 290)

The laboratory

Our laboratory in located in the 5th floor of the Science Pavillion (SP) on the Loyola campus. Right now is under renovations, but soon we'll start setting up our equipment!

Our equipment

Optical table: We have a Newport ST-UT2 optical table with active vibration damping for our optical setups

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