Concordia University

Tobias F. Gittes, PhD

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts College


Office: S-RR 106 
RR Annex,
2040 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2567

Tobias Foster Gittes has been teaching at Concordia’s Liberal Arts College since 2003. He specializes in Italian literature of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance with a particular interest in the intersection of erotics and theology (the sacralization of sexual themes and sexualization of sacred ones), the representation of natural and artificial spaces in literary texts (allegorical landscapes, symbolic architecture etc.), and the relation of word to image (illuminated manuscripts, ecphrasis, art themes in literature etc.).

In addition to a book examining Boccaccio’s mythmaking activity—Boccaccio’s Naked Muse: Unveiling the Intertwined Origins of Eros and Culture in Boccaccio’s Art (forthcoming from University of Toronto Press)—professor Gittes has written articles on rape and retaliation in Dante’s Inferno, and on Boccaccio’s method of exploiting conventional erotic motifs (pastoral rapes, voyeurism, pimping etc.) to promote moral, socially constructive ends.


PhD (Columbia University, 2000) BA (Yale University, 1987)

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