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The MA in Journalism Studies offers future scholars the ideal platform to study journalism from a critical research perspective.

Below are theses titles of our graduates.

Geoffery Tobin (2014). "Registering Justice: A critical discourse of daily newspaper coverage surrounding key queer rights changes between 1992-2005" (Dr. James McLean, supervisor).

Harry Chandler (2014). "The Third World First Nations Reserve: Framing Crises on First Nations Reserves in Canadia Newspaper Coverage" (Dr. Brian Gabrial, supervisor).

James Gibbons (2013). "How the news expresses exclusion: A linguistic analysis of two Montreal newspapers and their coverage of the Occupy movement." (Dr. Mike Gasher, supervisor).

Alamir Novin (2013). "DEBATECITED: An empirical experiment into the value of open-source research methods and peer collaboration to science journalism." (Dr. David Secko, supervisor).

Haluk Dag (2013). "Peace journalism or war journalism? A comparative analysis of the coverage of Israeli and Turkish newspapers during the Gaza flotilla crisis." (Dr. Mike Gasher, supervisor). 

Anna Meshcherova (2012). "The Globalization of Stubbornly National Media: The How and Why of Online News Translation." (Dr. Lisa Lynch, supervisor). 

Paul Edward Fontaine (2012). "The Punjabi diaspora in a time of media hybridization: The empowering of 'counterpublics'." (Dr. Lisa Lynch, supervisor). 

Peter W. Downie. (2012) "The Renewal of Journalistic Practice: Reporting from the 2010 Haitian Earthquake." (Dr. James McLean, supervisor).

Stephany Tlalka (2012). "'Know more, know now': a structural analysis of the re-design of CBC News, 2009-2011." (Dr. Mike Gasher, supervisor). 

Elyse Amend. (2011). "In search of models: An investigation into the practical use of models of science communication in science journalism production." (Dr. David Secko, supervisor). 

Gabriela Capurro. (2011). "Covering the Two Amigos: Neo-colonial representations of Canada and Mexico in their national press." (Dr. Lisa Lynch, supervisor). 

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