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The Following Motion was Unanimously Passed at the History Department Meeting on Friday, 20 October, 2017


We believe that the newly-passed Québec Law 62, “Loi favorisant le respect de la neutralité religieuse de l’État,” discriminates specifically against one group, Muslim women who wear face coverings, and that this discrimination is by no means necessitated by public security or any other cogent reason. Moreover, as similar laws elsewhere have shown, the real effect of Law 62 will be to restrict women’s access to essential services and public space. Therefore, the Department of History resolves that we will refuse to enforce its provisions in our classrooms and offices. We also invite faculty members to read out this resolution at the beginning of each semester for as long as this law is in force, to signal to our students that they are free to wear face coverings if they so choose. We urge the University, CUFA, CUPFA, CUSSU, and ACUME to take a similar stand, as we believe the new law not only contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but also Concordia’s own policies regarding “civility, equity, respect, non-discrimination, and an appreciation of diversity,” as well as the right of all members of the University regarding “freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression” (Concordia Policy BD-3). 

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