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Concordia supports its students in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to enter the Quebec workforce. Mastering French is one of these skills — that is why the university has launched Oui Can Help! This initiative connects international students with French-language resources.

French Language Bursary Program

Études françaises is announcing a new bursary round for the 2017-2018 academic year. 25 000 $ in bursaries will be offered to international students!

In September 2018, Concordia will be offering 25 bursaries to international students. Each bursary is worth 1000 $. 

The Concordia University French Language Bursary Program was established in 2011. It is intended to foster awareness of the obligations of all people in the Province of Québec to be capable of functioning in the French language in the workplace, and to encourage and enable Non-Québec Residents and International Students to enroll in French classes offered by Concordia University's Département d'études françaises.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A full-time international student (graduate or undergraduate);
  • Must have already taken and passed at least 6 credits of FRAN 200 or 300 level French language courses at Concordia (i.e. FRAN 211, 212, 305, etc.);
  • Must have obtained at least a grade of C for the course for which the bursary is being applied to (conditional since we know that you will only receive your grade at the end the current semester)*;
  • Must be registered for at least a 3 credit FRAN 200 or 300 level course for the summer semester or plan to register in Fall 2018 following the bursary application (conditional in providing proof of registration later this summer).  

The French Language Bursary is not available to:

  • Students whose mother tongue or language used at home is French;
  • Independent students (except for Graduate-level students enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program);
  • Visiting Students; 
  • Québec residents. 

Eligible courses:

FRAN 212, 213,214,215,218,219,221,301,302,303,305,306,315,318,319,320,321 

*For applications who are exequo, the committee will look at the student participation in extra-curricalar activities (conversation groups, explorons, etc.) taken for the course for which the bursary is being applied to. 

Application deadline: April 30th 2018. Please click here to access the bursary form. Once you have completed it, please save a copy on your desktop and send it to with the subject heading: Bursary application for 2018.


Good luck! 


Centre d'Apprentissage et de Promotion du Français (CAPF)

The center opened its doors in 2015 and is entirely financed by the Département d’études françaises. This center is a focus point for all French-language acquisition and French promotional activities.

In addition to offering French conversation groups and tutoring services, the center offers:

  • A state of the art room (HD projector, television and DVD);
  • 4 self service computers with many self help CDs, office suites, Antidote, etc. ;
  • Various printed materials offering help with French grammar, vocabulary and other FSL (French as second language) methods that can be used individually or with the help of an onsite tutor/facilitator;
  • A library of French and québécois DVDs to rent out, books for learning French per level, comic books, journals and magasines;
  • Films and cultural activities program.

For more information, visit the Center.

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