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Internal Funding for Graduate Students

Departmental Entrance Awards (nominated upon admission)

1. A successful candidate is offered Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence valued at $37,910 and disbursed over the eight terms when tuition is billed.  Recipients of this award are exempted from paying international tuition fees, however they remain responsible for payment of tuition fees at the regular Québec rate.

2. We offer a limited number of the following two fellowships: Faculty of Arts and Science Graduate Fellowship and Concordia University Graduate Fellowship. Each of these PhD fellowships caries $14,000 per year for four years, with the total value of $56,000. 

3. Each year, we also offer several Concordia Merit Scholarships. The scholarship carries a value of $5,000-$10,000 for one year. 

Departmental In-Course Awards  

Departmental Donor Awards:

  • Allyson Kassie ($2500 need-based) 
  • Balvir and Ranjna Singh ($1500 merit-based) 
  • Prof. Jaleel Ahmad ($3500 in International Economics) 

TA and RA stipends 

Teaching assistantships (TA) - $7000 or more per year

Research assistantships (RA) - from supervisor

University Awards  

Student Mobility Award 
  • Financial assistance for study or research abroad/field work
  • Minimum GPA requirement: 3.3 
  • Period: 1-4 months 
  • Max. $1000 per month 
  • Application deadline for Winter/Summer 2018: October 19, 2017

Fore more information contact Julie Triganne, Coordinator of Mobility Bursaries, Concordia International.

CIREQ Merit Award and Stipend 

  • CIREQ Merit Award ($2500 merit-based) 
  • About $14,000/year for supporting in-course doctoral students

For more information contact Prof. Tatyana Koreshkova, departmental CIREQ representative.

Conference travel funding 

1. School of Graduate Studies (SGS) 
  • Maximum funding: $1000
  • Up to 15 terms in program for PhD students (one award/term)
  • Up to 6 terms in program for MA students (one award) 
2. Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) 
  • Maximum funding: $500/year
  • Up to 12 terms in program for PhD students (three awards) 
  • Up to 6 terms in program for MA students (one award)  
3. Department 
  • Maximum funding: $200/conference 
  • Up to 15 terms in program for PhD students
  • At most one conference per year
  • At most 50% of the total cost may be covered 
  • Funding up to $500/year
  • Supervisor must be a CIREQ member 

Conference travel funding from different sources may be combined.  

For all conference funding you must:

  • have a paper accepted for presentation at the conference. 
  • apply for funding well in advance of the conference.  

Student conference will not be funded. 

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