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African Studies

The Concordia African Studies Working Group (CASWG) brings together faculty and graduate students in the Departments of Anthropology, History, and Political Science. The working group addresses the intertwining of social, economic, and political processes in the ongoing transformation of the African continent. Specific topics are diverse, including state interventions in the name of development; the historical mobilization of transnational networks of liberation movements; cultural shifts associated with urbanization, migration, economic, and technological changes; the dynamics of electoral and party politics; and the politics of international criminal courts, among others. The group takes a broad understanding of politics and examines it at varied scales, ranging from small-scale social groups to transnational networks and regional institutions.


Julie Archambault, Department of Anthropology

Nicole De Silva, Department of Political Science

Andrew Ivaska, Department of History

Amy Poteete, Department of Political Science

Leander Schneider, Department of Political Science

Antwi Boasiako, Department of Political Science (coordinator)

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