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The Dean’s office consulted more than 130 people who represented a cross-section of Arts and Science constituents.  FAS 2025, A Living Document accounts for what we heard during our consultation process and synthesizes what seemed to matter most to our constituents.

The FAS decanal team began with a questionnaire sent to all academic units in October 2015. Between January-April 2016 we conducted formal workshops with unit heads and continued our consultations with professors, staff and students. That work led us to a strategic path and innovative transformative actions that dovetail with Concordia University’s nine Strategic Directions.

The ideas, initiatives and projects presented in this website reflect our broad community and represent a vision of our Faculty in all its powerful diversity. The projects outlined here are flexible and open; they present opportunities to extend our reach and build more relationships outside the university.

This is your invitation to initiate, develop and propose ideas that will further our vision. Look at FAS 2025 as a framework for action and a springboard for initiatives that will capitalize on our strengths. As a living online document, FAS 2025 is structured to evolve over time as we incorporate your feedback and project proposals. As we collect ideas for initiatives we will recalibrate our priorities and review our actions to ensure that we realize our objectives while maintaining flexibility for change and innovation.

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